Expended, rediscovered and reborn

Toril Bonsaksen, Kjetil Aschim and Rebecca Onstad

20.12.17 - 22.02.18


"Expended, rediscovered and reborn" is an exhibition where discarded materials, crafts and storytelling are key elements. Three artists have used old, well-known objects to create new artworks.

Using different crafts traditions, the three artists create artworks that allow us to reflect upon reuse and recycling, pointing to the consumer society. Old cutlery has been transformed into a full-size stressless, old motorcycle gas tanks have been turned into "commuting" businessmen on their way to the next meeting, and old floor coverings has been subject to intricate carvings. What happens when objects that are all loaded with associations from their original use and function and which still carry traces and stories from an earlier life, are put in a new context?

Toril Bonsaksen, Kjetil Aschim and Rebecca Onstad are all educated at Oslo National Academy of the Arts. What they have in common is a playful approach to materials and an associative way of working. All three work in different ways with storytelling, often with nature, recognizable figures and characters, but also with abstract and unexpected elements. The stories may seem familiar, but give room for surprises and reflections.


Toril Bonsaksen (b. 1973, Sandnessjøen, NO) is a metal artist based in Oslo. She has a MFA in Jewellery, Sculpture and Metal Art from The National Academy of Arts in Oslo, 2008. In 2017 she finished a part time study in Curatorial work. Several of her artworks have been purchased by The National Museum of Decorative Arts and Design and private collectors. She has also done several commissioned public art projects. Her main material is metal, often scrap metal and found objects. For the past years she has been working with cutlery, which are highly symbolic objects. She works with familiar materials and elements and assembles these in a new context. 
Kjetil Aschim (b. 1980, Ringerike, NO) is a metal artist based in Hønefoss. He has a MFA in Jewellery, Sculpture and Metal art from The National Academy of Arts in Oslo, 2008. Kjetil Aschims sculptures are characterized by a fascination for examining the materials he is working on. His work is a combination of unexpected and humorous form and content. He wants to challenge and appeal to the imagination and inspire open-mindedness. The materials acquire new aesthetic functions, while supporting a sustainable and environmentally friendly aspect.

Rebecca Onstad (b. 1985, Moss, NO) is an artist and printmaker based in Oslo. She has a MFA in medium- and material-based art from The National Academy of Arts in Oslo, 2015. In 2016 she was one of seven artists that established the studio community Atelier Økern Nord in Oslo where she currently works. Onstads main focus is to create different distinct surfaces in a wide range of materials with an emphasis on carving, monotype, waterprint and wood-/linocuts. Paper, wood, clay, linoleum are amongst some of the mostly used materials. In the project Expended, rediscovered and reborn Onstad has worked with used bathroom flooring and carved out the surface using traditional carving tools. All her works tends to refer to atmospheric elements from nature, that being her main inspiration.