Spatial studies: The Expanded Field


25.03.17 – 25.05.17

“I see painting and sculpture as extensions of each other and it is in the combination of both that my work relates to the architectural space. These three-dimensional paintings explore the ontology of painting: the question of what can it be, the conditions, the proportions, the physical attributes, etc. The works are a series of intentional three-dimensional painting, yet exuberant and open to chance and variables in the articulation of different layers, reaches and depths of field, harmonies and colours. They present new patterns and colour combinations as the observer moves in space. These works are therefore an extension of the notion of Duchamp that the viewer completes the work, the work shows my desire to offer an intuitive, emotional and physical experience for the viewer.”
- Marisa Ferreira


“Coloured Rhythms #1” (2017)
Chromatic interaction and spatial relations

“Coloured Rhythms #1” presents a colourful and playful spatial three dimensional painting constructed from coloured acrylic sheets and wall painting which will create new shapes and colour combinations according to the position of the observer in the room.


“Chromatic symphony I” (2016)
315x200x4cm, acrylic on aluminium

The work reflect on the ontology of painting and demonstrate that time, space and colour are phenomena that occur at the sensorial level. Combining principles of motion with colour theory, this painting on bended aluminium also change in appearance continuously, based on the viewer's active looking and movement.


Irregular shapes (2016)
82,5x90x12cm, powder coating on stainless steel

It is important for me to work with one colour and observe as this colour can transform the architectural space. In "Irregular shapes" i am exploring rhythm and composition with one bended shape which i repeat symmetrically. As the acrylic painting, also Irregular shapes change its pattern as the observer moves in the three dimensional room.



Marisa Ferreira (1983)

Born in Portugal, Marisa Ferreira lives and works in Oslo, Norway since 2008. She has a degree in Visual Arts from the Universidade de Evora and a postgraduate degree in Art and Design for Public Space, Faculdade de Belas-Artes of Universidade do Porto.

She has developed public art projects in Norway and abroad, such as Beautiful forms unfold from unity in Ulsmåg school, Bergen, Norway in 2014, Voyage dans l’rhythme at Royal University Liverpool Hospital, UK in 2015/16, and Chromatic sounds at St. Raphael’s College, Ireland in 2016/17.

Ferreira's work is part of several private and public collections in Norway, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, France and Portugal, notably the Stavanger Art Museum, Wintershall Art Collection and Messmer Foundation.

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Thanks to Astrup and Thaugland Trælastforretning for contributions to the production of the exhibition.