02.06.17 – 15.08.17

The painter Marius Martinussen works with colors and lines to create seductive and elegant surfaces. His new exhibition at Oslo Ø consists of abstract, colorful and precise paintings. The images appear as a controlled chaos of lines, prisms and fractures. The composition is created from a monochrome surface, which is then divided into different color fields by principles of the golden ratio. And in the same way as organisms grow from one cell that is divided and divided again to form a complicated structure, Marius Martinussen´s paintings have grown from one simple surface to become complex and intricate formations.

Marius Martinussen (b 1978) has a Masters degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Trondheim. His work is represented in several collections, notably KLP, Statoil, Norges Bank, Norwegian Shipowners’ Association and Arts Council Norway, and he has exhibited widely, both nationally and abroad. Martinussen has done several comissions, as Kjell Henriksen Observatory, Svalbard (2008), Granstangen school (2015) and Voss College (2017).