tour tourist, neutral new

Allyce Wood, Gabrielle Paré, Hanna Roloff & Lauren Davis

24.08.17 – 24.10.17

In tour tourist, neutral new, four artists consider the concept of place. Working primarily through various photographic mediums, they frame, collage, weave, and print to express what it means to exist between transitory and static. Set within the context of Visit Oslo´s premises, the exhibition venue itself is an extension of the tourist space. This site becomes a platform for the exploration of identity, permanence, and fate.

Allyce Wood (USA) assembles impermanent structures to support carefully woven renderings of memento mori. Gabrielle Paré (CAN) combines anthropological imagery with invented and appropriated languages. Hanna Roloff (SE) applies her photography to everyday travel products, favouring images of decay and transformation. Lauren Davis (USA) explores what it means to be acutely aware of one’s physical space within a politicized body.

In between life and death, natural-born and naturalized, home and holiday home; we are all perpetual-tourists, in-between states.


Allyce Wood (b.1988 USA) is focused on the exchange between handmade and digital processes. In making digitally-woven textiles, sculptures, and work on paper, she references objects represented in historic painting traditions as well as the contemporary symbol-culture of branding, emoji, and the online world. Wood creates personalized icon translations using a range of materials that transition from hand-drawing to photography to photoshop to print to installation: a back and forth between technology and dimension that offers accidental abstractions and highlight each unique statement. Elements of humor, the absurd, and the nonsensical are as vital and as relatable as the serious and literal.

Hanna Roloff's (b.1985 Sweden) works frequently tends to refer back to nature. As being the raw material of her sculptures or in her painting associated plant-dyed textile collages, and in her photographs where she always leave the human body out of the picture. Her work visually presents an atmosphere of stillness but concerns the chaos between nature, art and human. Roloff took her MFA in Medium- and Material Based Art from Oslo National Academy of the Arts 2017. Roloff have participate in exhibitions such as Kasbah Vandring II at F15 Moss (2013) Soft Moments at Soft Galleri (2016), Østlandsutstillingen (2016), and The National Annual Autumn Exhibition at Kunstnernes Hus (2017).

Gabrielle Paré (b.1989 CAN) completed her BFA at the University of Alberta (Canada) in 2011, and her MFA at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2017. Her practice is wide-ranging: from paper-based works to audio-visual installations to creative writing. At the core of her practice, however, is the performative expression; a dependence on her body to write old and new myths about identity, lineage and belonging. The borders of identity are challenged with the uncanny, the uncomfortable and the hybrid body.

Lauren Davis (b. 1992 USA) is an American artist currently living and working in Oslo, Norway. Lauren received her BFA from Parsons the New School for Design in 2014 and her MFA from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2017. An interdisciplinary artist, Davis’ work with sculpture, collage and painting explores the ways in which verbal and visual communication liberate; but also, constrict us. Her current work with collage centers the language of the black body, while her work with sculpture responds to the tension inside her own. Across mediums her work is fleshy and organic, exploring nature, memory and identity with explicit morbidity and subtle peculiarity.