Fin Serck-Hanssen

02.11.17 – 10.12.17

Fin Serck-Hanssen is inspired by the visual aspect of an ancient Chinese treatment in the photo series Vacuum. The photos are taken in Beijing and Haikou of people treated with cupping therapy. The treatment involves placing hot glass cups on the body, which creates a vacuum that stretches the skin and is said to release toxins. It’s interesting how a country like China, that has undergone an enormous upsurge in economics, politics and particularly urbanization, continues to maintain ancient traditions in alternative medicine. 

Fin Serck-Hanssen conducted his Photographic studies in Derby, UK. He is represented and has exhibited in a number of art institutions, including the Victoria & Albert Museum (England), the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television (England) and the The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design (Norway).